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Why study Brazilian Portuguese?

There are many reasons for you to learn Portuguese, such as traveling to Brazil, participating in exchange of studies, for work or simply to expand your knowledge about this country so rich in culture and miscegenation.

But there’s a reason you might not know: to keep your brain young.

After just a few months of studying a new language, your brain has significantly improved executive functioning and working memory, particularly in older adults.

This means that, in addition to acquiring knowledge, culture and having fun learning Brazilian Portuguese, you will exercise your attention, memory and reasoning. Isn’t it wonderful?

If you devote an hour a day to studying and doing the exercises, in just one month you will be able to communicate in a basic way in Portuguese. I call this “Survival Portuguese”. But of course you can continue studying and taking advantage of the platform updates to learn more and more about the culture and the way of living and communicating in different Brazilian states.

 You will be able to study at the best time for you and in the place you want, without worrying about traffic, class schedules and parking, then, you will be perfectly prepared to go to the next level. Have you always dreamed of learning to speak Portuguese? So this is your chance. Take advantage of the special launch price, it will not be available for long. Start right now!

See everything you will receive in this course:

*On a date to be scheduled.

25 fantastic and fun video lessons!

Humanized, practical and fun video lessons, in which you will learn to speak Brazilian Portuguese in a natural way, with the help of the teacher and her exclusive method, based on neuroscience.

Great news is that you don’t have to worry about mandatory class times, as you will be able to watch the videos at the time that is best for you and wherever you are, without worries and in a relaxed way.

Cultural themes are included in the classes, so get ready to have fun, as you will learn grammar in the context of real situations and Brazilian culture.

Written material and exercises to print!

Writing helps to learn faster, so you can download the written study material to your computer and print exercises that will make you practice everything learned in video lessons. You can check how many answers got by checking the correct answer template.

And there’s more!

You will have at your disposal extra material with in-depth lessons, fun facts and fun games to further reinforce your learning.

Audios with practices and exercises!

You will receive audios to learn the perfect pronunciation of Brazilian Portuguese, songs to practice listening exercises and to identify the different accents of each region of Brazil.

Lessons on Brazilian history and culture!

Get ready to take an exciting journey through the history and culture of Brazil!

This is an immersion course!

Here you learn to speak Brazilian Portuguese, but … here you will receive much more!

At the same time that you will learn to communicate in Portuguese, will have culture classes and will be able to understand why Brazil is so culturally rich.

Thus, you will become part of this world of diversity, natural wealth, art and joy of living.

Coffee room and forum to make new friends!

The coffee room is a space to make new friends who have common interests. A space to network and exchange cultural experiences, travel and whatever else you want.

The forum is a space to ask questions with colleagues and teacher.

In addition, there will be specific topics for exchanging ideas about the films and books suggested by the teacher, so everyone in the class can give their opinion, exchange ideas about new words, personal understanding of the story portrayed and much more.

It is a space rich in extra information and where you can take your learning to another level.

7 days warranty!

If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money.


Start now the Brazilian Language and Culture A1 course!

Have you always dreamed of learning to speak Portuguese? So this is your chance. Take advantage of the special launch price, it will not be available for long. Start right now!


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