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Is it possible to learn Brazilian Portuguese quickly? Yes!!! In only 4 weeks you will can comunicate the basic in portuguese.

In addition to learning the language dynamically, quickly and effectively, you will also receive classes on Brazilian culture.

Everyone loves Brazil and many famous people speak Portuguese.

All that’s missing is you!

More than 250 million people speak Portuguese and 80% of these people are from Brazil.

Imagine how many millions of tourists can communicate in Portuguese!

You will learn to speak that beautiful and musical language and will stand out at work and with friends. And the best part: you will learn quickly, in a practical way, in your home or wherever you want … whenever you want!!

"Is learning Portuguese difficult?"

Absolutely not!

 This is an immersion course for beginners who want to learn Portuguese spoken in Brazil. In the Basic A1 course (European classification system), you will receive various stimuli to learn the essentials of everyday communication for beginners.

 Initially, you will take a trip through the history of Brazil, with some words for your vocabulary, and you will see images and words that gradually form phrases.

 Each class deals with a different topic and useful in various situations, so you will learn words and phrases related to transport, shopping, family, personal hygiene, etc.

The grammar is inserted in the context of each situation, so you will learn to speak correctly in a natural way.

 In conclusion, if you study only one hour a day, you will be able to communicate using simple phrases about yourself and everyday situations in just a month.


Soon in the first classes, you will learn to create phrases that are used in the day to day.


In some classes you will also have access to extra audio material to practice pronunciation.


You will have access to written material referring to the video lesson with exercises to practice.


– Extra lessons on Brazilian culture

– Games

– Films suggestions

– Songs suggestions

– Books suggestions

What my students are saying...

Querida prof.ssa Tânia, eu estou muito feliz por ser capaz de apender o básico de uma língua tão bonita e músical do Brasil com uma professora muito competente e sempre disponível como você. Agradeço muito pela paciência que teve comigo várias vezes quando usei acentos errados e pronúncias como (se eu fosse) um "novato" no uso do português-brasileiro. Espero muito que, depois desta primeira experiência, haja oportunidade de trabalhar juntos novamente, a fim de mostrar o que eu aprendi nesse idioma. Um abraço.
Marco Parigi
Ingegnere dell´azienda Frigel SPa, Firenze, Itália - Engenheiro na empresa Frigel, Firenze, Itália
Foi un grande prazer encontrar a Professora Tania, uma pessoa de grande capacitade e de grande dinamismo intelectual, rica de fascino e de charme, cum uma plena disponibilitade em relazao aos seus alunos. Ela veio ao encontro das minhas necessidades, soube estimular os meus interesses, me propos atividades diferentes tamben simpaticas e estimulantes. Desejo a minha Professora Tania um futuro rico de sucesso e de felicitade.Con gratitudine e stima.
Dott. Gilberto Tuccinardi
Medico-chirurgo specialista in cardiologia e malattie vascolari. Professore presso la Scuola di Specializzazione in Cardiologia presso l'Università di Firenze. Firenze, Itália

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Congratulations! In a month you will be able to communicate in Portuguese.


7-day warranty. If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money.

The course was developed by the professor Tânia Neves with methodology based on cognitive neuroscience and experience of 20 years in the area of teaching.

She is graduated in Portuguese Language in Brazil. Post-graduated in  Psychopedagogy. Master in Cognitive Neuropsychology and Multiple Intelligences in Education. Professor Tania has been teaching on Brazilian culture at some Italian universities.